Two Weeks of Health Calming Affirmations

Are you a senior who has found every scheduled calendar appointment is yet another doctor visit focused on yet another area of challenge in your aging body? Are you overwhelmed with all the health fixes and choices and feel distressed or defeated? Are your balance and cognition gradually weakening? Are you glossing over having to make decisions to support wellness by telling yourself you are too busy volunteering, visiting family and friends or traveling?

You can begin to shift this mentality with the help of a daily affirmation phrase in this free pictorial PDF. Some studies say it takes about 60 days of daily practice to form a new habit–a new way of thinking. You can use this affirmation book to help bring you back to a place of confident choice and clarity. You can use this methodology to support getting past the old beliefs surrounding the overwhelmed sense we experience when health challenges compound and escalate. Choose to momentarily calm your health anxiety through the daily practice of these affirmations.

In the ebook there are fourteen pictorial affirmations. Each affirmation is clearly presented and takes about a two minute quiet moment to complete. Cycle through them for six weeks or more. Anchor them into a daily routine, for instance, before or after breakfast.

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